Application Testing

The Moyno R&D lab utilizes its resources to advance elastomer technology, develop new proprietary elastomers, and continuously improve the quality of the Moyno products and systems. With the resources Moyno has, prototyping elastomer product variations can be done rapidly to meet application specific requirements in a time sensitive manner for customers. The lab staff are experienced engineers with extensive application knowledge and can provide field failure analysis’, giving customers an advantage in production and processing efficiencies and cost-effectiveness.

The Moyno Research and Design lab continuously tests new applications, elastomer suitability, pump suitability and overall performance testing for customers. Customer lab testing allows customers to see first hand how Moyno products will perform in their specific applications to offer insight on enhanced performance, processing efficiencies, and cost reductions.

Advanced control systems to manage multiple tests as well as to track, display, record, store and retrieve a multitude of test data for analysis are available at the Moyno lab for customer testing. These systems and other state-of-the-art equipment are used for evaluating every aspect of elastomer and product performance in controlled, simulated and actual application environments.

Flexometer equipment is available to compare fatigue characteristics of elastomer compounds in a theoretical environment coupled with fluid hysteresis test fixtures that verify actual performance of the compounds under dynamic conditions. The lab also does immersion testing of elastomer compounds with industry standard fluids as well as customer supplied fluids to determine compatibility for customer needs.

Moving die rheometers, capillary rheometers, differential scanning calorimeters and themogravimetric analysis that identify various characteristics of elastomer compounds to optimize processing parameters are among the numerous other tests that can be performed in the lab.

With all of the resources, experienced personnel, and test capabilities, the Moyno R&D lab is a unique value-added benefit to customers. Moyno’s innovative engineered system solutions have provided customers throughout the years with ways to increase production, improve processes, and optimize profitability.

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