In the baking and confection industries there is a wide range in the viscosity levels of materials that need to be pumped throughout a facility. Everything from bread dough to gooey candy and abrasive sugars needs to be processed in the highest of sanitary conditions. Moyno Sanitary Pumps meet 3A sanitary and FDA standards. They can easily and efficiently be cleaned in a timely manner, utilizing the Cleaning in Place (CIP) method.

To ensure a consistent end product throughtout the manufacturing process all ingredients must be metered accurately. Moyno progressing cavity metering pumps are well suited in this application and can accurately meter highly viscous media.

chocolate process

Moyno pumps are also utilized to pump syrup out of rail cars. Typical processes require steam to be injected into the syrup to thin down the viscosity to a level more easily pumped. Moyno pumps do not require this steaming step and can therefore save time, and operating and capital expenses.

The following Moyno products can be effectively utilized in this application:

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